Kennedy`s revolutionary speech held at the American University on 10th June 1963 is a complete departure of the young President from US policy to date.  His words are revolutionary and constitute a poignant plea for a world at peace.

Kennedy is also the fifth member of the band, his voice is omnipotent. The way in which he formulates, his timing, the timbre of his voice, - DIE REDNER have achieved all of this "direct line". JFK swings, in this speech his voice spans a whole octave, and he lapses again and again into a three-quarter beat. His speech is the leitmotif for the composition.
Images and screenlands consciously play with the clichés of the 1960s and the audience experiences a critical and intense examination of the past, thereby raising their awareness of the present.
This is a complex, imaginative and stirring presentation by DIE REDNER of an era characterised by hope for worldwide peace.

2007 Winner of the Media Art Award of the public radio and television broadcaster in Saarland, Saarländischer Rundfunk