DIE REDNER spielen die die JFK-Show
live am 19.Okt.2007

One Man

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: American president from 1961 to 1963, legend, candidate upon whom ethnic and religious minorities based their hopes, crisis manager, reluctant warrior, powerless one at the center of power.


One Idea

To reflect the voice and the words of this man on a musical and visual level, to demonstrate their historical, political, social and human relevance – which reach far beyond his individual fate – and thus to place the speech within the larger context of a reflection on the human condition.

Most people simply listen to a politician's speech.  They don't experience it visually. That was particularly true in 1963, when few Germans had televisions. That certain something which makes Kennedy's words so striking that they can move us even today can be heard in the sound of his voice, his characteristic style, and the flow of his words.

This effect on the audience is what forms the starting point of the JFK Show and provides the counterpart to its musical and visual creation.