Our idea is based on the vision of a more peaceful, more humane world. With our performances, we want to contribute in an exciting artistic way to discussions on global politics, global development and security strategies, and the social, political and economic foundation of international peace politics.

We use dance films, feature films and animation to take the audience on an artistic journey through past and present.  This gives the speeches and the stories both a concrete and an atmospheric presence.


Speech and music: this interplay between language, electronics and live music fans out across a wide spectrum: acoustic and synthetic music link with one another to form the basis for the content, rhetoric and flow of the speech; improvisation and composed pieces bounce off each other, playing with tension, concrete interpretation and abstract power.

In December, 2007, Die Redner was awarded the Media Art Prize by Saarländischer Rundfunk (Saarland Radio). Countless enthusiastic audience members reaffirmed the media's rave reviews. (Excerpts can be seen in the press review section.)

The project visualizes itself as a school of perception. Teenagers and young adults are taught in workshops to become more sensitive to an aesthetic and sensual handling of themes.